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Rudra Trans System is a renowned name in the market offering premium quality of Power Conditioning and Power Protection Equipments like Servo Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, UIT, Online UPS, Home Inverter etc. We are identified as one of the leading stabilizer and transformer manufacturer in Gujarat and solution provider in the area of our specialization. We are stabilizer manufacturer in vapi Gujarat.

Air Cooled Servo Stabilizers offered by us are servo stabilizers that have capability to supply constant voltage to machines. This consistent supply makes them highly demanded for use in areas like lifts, hospitals, c-n-c machines, hotels as well as in other industries. Servo stabilizers also come with fully solid state controlled circuits with ± 1% regulation and have no wave-form distortion.

Features & Benefits :-

  • No potentiometer adjustments
  • All parameters can be modified using the keypad in the front panel
  • Set input voltage band
  • Set output voltage
  • Set output voltage sensitivity
  • Output over / under voltage cut-off
  • Input over voltage / under voltage cut-off
  • Over load cut-off
  • Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
  • Manual and auto start facility
  • Common control card - any capacity
  • Fully micro control function
  • Generator compatibility
  • Both outdoor and indoor models

Accessories (Optional) :-

  • Ultra isolation transformer at output.
  • Bypass arrangement.
  • Phase Sequence Protection.
  • Line noise & Surge Suppressor.
  • Input Out of range protection.
  • EMI/RFI Filter.
  • Non Standard rate of correction.

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